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BTH Heimtex

BTH Heimtex is the trade magazine for floor coverings, parquet + laminate flooring, home textiles, wallpaper, sun protection, paints + varnishes and fitting materials, and is the only one that focuses clearly and unambiguously on trade topics.

Readers of BTH Heimtex include managers, opinion leaders and decision makers in specialist shops, interior decorators, wholesale companies and the industry.

The magazines contents and layout are consciously tailored to the needs of this significant, demanding target group: BTH Heimtex provides comprehensive, profound, factual, neutral and competent information. Through its exclusive affiliation with significant industry associations such as the Verband der Deutschen Heimtextilien-Industrie and the ZGV Zentralverband gewerblicher Verbundgruppen, BTH Heimtex is optimally positioned amongst the leading lights in trade and industry.

Editorially, BTH Heimtex creates an independent profile for itself through:
  • an extensive news and business section
  • regular rankings and exclusive assessments by wholesale companies and specialist retail shops in relation to suppliers from all important product groups
  • regular analytical and cross-product special topics on segments such as hospitality, healthcare and retail design
  • detailed analyses and comments from large industry trade shows
  • personal discussions and interviews with important market participants
  • a glimpse behind the scenes of successful companies in trade and industry
  • a detailed service section with important dates and a birthday calendar
  • an extremely strong section dedicated to job offers and special advertisements
  • Specialist shops/interior decorators
    • Specialist retail shops
    • interior decorators with shops
    • Chains, warehouse stores
    • Painters and decorators with shops
    • Floor layers with shops
    • Specialist departments in furniture and furnishing stores
    • Specialist departments in department stores and shops, mail order companies
    • Central buyers in DIY superstores
  • Wholesale companies
    • Floor covering wholesalers, paint wholesalers, home textile wholesalers
    • Retail and wholesale groups
    • Purchasing associations for painters
  • Contract
    • Contractors, Interior designers, architects and planners who are involved in interior decoration
    • Building authorities, general contractors, facility managers
  • Industry
    • First to mid-management levels in the relevant industry branches, sales force
  • Others
    • Specialist colleges, libraries

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Issues per Year: 11
Subscription: 165.32 € plus Postage
gross price: 154.50 plus 10.82 € VAT (7%)

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