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Fachbuch für Bodenleger

Fachbuch für den Bodenleger (Reference book for floorers)

The German language reference book for floorers is a reference work for the profession of floorer. It comprehensibly conveys the training scope of this new profession using rich images, while at the same time serving as an extensive reference work for all professionals.

E.g. flooring techniques such as adhering, fastening or bracing are described in detail. The correct underfloor preparation procedures and floor coating, the setting up of electrically conductible constructions and the surface treatment of cork floors. The most important DIN and EN standards are also explained.

Fachbuch für den Bodenleger, 3nd circulation of Remmert/Heller/Spang. 552 pages, format 180 x 250 mm, hardcover

In German language

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