Studie: Altenheime - Markt der Zukunft ?

Studie: Altenheime - Markt der Zukunft ? Order Studie: Altenheime - Markt der Zukunft ?

Studie: Altenheime - Markt der Zukunft ?

Studie: Altenheime - Markt der Zukunft ? (Study: Retirement homes - A market for the future?)

How much growth can be expected for the interior decoration of retirement and care homes? This German language study about the development of retirement and care homes in Germany up to 2015 provides an informational basis for investments in retirement and care properties.

It explains the conditions and processes of the retirement and care home market: The characteristics of the market, the development of demographic pressure on the retirement and care home system and influences on the financial and socio-political framework conditions on this property market.

Developments in architecture and interior design are presented:
  • how do assistance and care concepts affect architecture and interior design?
  • how far do architecture and interior design influence the demand for interior decoration?
  • how exactly are "model rooms" in retirement and care homes equipped?
  • what decision-making processes influence the individual product markets, distinguishing between new builds and new acquisitions as well as renovations and reacquisition?
  • what are the most important agency institutions?
Finally, sales and revenue models are presented for the 12 different product groups, which for the first time outline quantitative dimensions, e.g. for the flooring market or for bath textiles and the processes of the sub-markets for the period 2006 - 2015. The problem areas for the 12 sub-markets dealt with are:
  • Sales potential in physical units, illustrated in two scenarios
  • Revenue potential in Euros, illustrated in two scenarios
  • Specific product requirements for sub-markets
  • Decision-making structures
  • Distribution channels
  • Important suppliers
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Studie: Altenheime - Markt der Zukunft ? Dr. Geert Böttger.

Published 2009 in German language

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