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Fachbuch für Parkettleger

Fachbuch für den Parkettleger (Reference book for parquet layers)

This German language reference book for parquet layers is the standard work for the profession of parquet layer and comprises all work and training steps. It is presented comprehensibly for trainees and serves the purpose both of further training for qualified craftsmen and of a reliable reference work for master craftsmen.

The methodical concept of the book aims at readability on three levels: The text allows users to deal with new and unfamiliar situations. Knowledge can be tested with the help of mnemonics and drawings and tables illustrate the acquired knowledge, while also offering quick access to the facts.

Fachbuch für den Parkettleger, 4rd circulation of Remmert/Heller/Spang et al, 602 pages, format 180 x 250 mm, hardcover.

In German language

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