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Estricharbeiten Teil 1 (Laying of screeds, part 1)

The practical German language reference book Laying of screeds aims at helping practicing professionals to understand the many ordinances, rules, quality requirements and German and European DIN regulations. As a help to entrepreneurs, it includes many references to current and important older court rulings by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) and various other Higher Regional Courts (OLGs).

It discusses the provisions of DIN 18353, " Laying of screeds" in detail, also includes the ATV standards and offers helpful advice on how to create and process performance descriptions. Moreover, materials and the details of the laying work are also discussed exhaustively. The descriptions, which are structured in great detail, allow the user of this reference book to find extensive and complete answers to the questions repeatedly faced in everyday work practice.

Estricharbeiten Teil 1. Gerhard Gasser. 187 pages. Format 170 mm x 245 mm.

In German language

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