Aquakultur Jahrbuch 2010/11

Aquakultur Jahrbuch 2010/11 Order Aquakultur Jahrbuch 2010/11

Aquakultur Jahrbuch 2010/11

Aquaculture is the future of global fish supply and the fastest growing segment of the food production industry. The targeted cultivation of fish, mussels, crab, algae and other aquatic organisms in freshwater or saltwater contributes an ever increasing amount to the world populations seafood supply. Whereas with wild fishing, the number of tons caught stagnates at around 100 million, and many economically run businesses seem to have exhausted the limits of what is possible, the aquacultural production in the decade between 1997 and 2007 nearly doubled.

The new German language Aquaculture Year Book 2010/2011 gives a founded insight into this topic. It contains currently available, up-to-date production figures and shows the development trends for the main kinds of fish, also describing the situation in the most important production countries and analyzing the underlying trends.

The Aquaculture Year Book is structured into:
  • Top Ten Aquaculture nations
  • Top Ten species of fish
  • Top Ten species of crustaceans
  • Top Ten species of shellfish
  • Top Ten algae and water plants
  • New species: Snakehead, pompanos, khanka giant whitefish,
    Japanese kelp grouper, blue crab, sea cucumber, sea urchin
Aquakultur Jahrbuch 2010/11. Dr. Manfred Klinkhardt.
Format: 210 x 275 mm. 266 pages, colored pictures throughout.

In German language

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