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Parkett Magazin

Parkett Magazin is Europes major trade magazine for parquet, wood, cork, laminate and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floor coverings and provides the industry, specialist retailers and vocational trades with profound information about production, marketing and processing as well as the sector in general.

The readers are opinion leaders, business owners and executives throughout the entire value chain ranging from raw materials to production, finishing, sales and installation.

Parkett Magazin has a wide international circulation and is currently read in 34 countries. While the main focus is on German-speaking countries, Parkett Magazin also counts industry stakeholders in Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, North America, South America and Asia among its subscribers.

Parkett Magazin in keywords:
  • The only German-language magazine for the production, marketing and processing of parquet, wood, laminate, cork and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floor coverings, including the supplier industry and all of the materials and products required for floor laying and installation
  • Very high reader loyalty
  • Intense contact with the industry
  • Personal, on-site research by the editorial staff
  • Close cooperation with the industry, dealer and trade associations
  • International circulation
  • Regular, competent editorial specials on special topics
  • Extensive, knowledgeable trade fair reports from all important industry trade fairs
  • Annual presentation and organization of the renowned Parkett Star industry award, which recognises exemplary companies from retail and the vocational trades

Special "FussbodenFuxx" (FloorFox) insert for young talent in each issue of Parkett Magazin

Accompanying specialist publications
  • "Fachbuch für Parkettleger" (Reference Book for Parquet Fitters")
  • "Fachbuch für Bodenleger" (Reference Book for Floor Layers")
  • Collective agreements for parquet fitters and floor layers
  • Market overviews of parquet and laminate flooring
  • Market overview of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring
  • Studies on the European floor covering market

  • Trade / Retailers
    • Cooperations from the timber trade, building material trade and floor covering trade
    • Timber wholesale, timber/wood dealers, parquet dealers
    • Building material specialist retailers with flooring departments
    • Floor covering wholesalers
    • Home improvement (DIY) stores
    • Floor covering speciality stores
  • Industry
    • manufacturers, importers and suppliers of parquet, wood, cork, laminate and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floor coverings
    • manufacturers and suppliers of floor laying and installation tools and materials
    • Supplier industry, plant construction
  • Vocational trades
    • Parquet fitters
    • Floor layers
    • Contractors
    • Carpenters
    • Screeders with a floor covering department
  • Schools
    • Vocational schools for parquet fitters and floor layers
  • Associations
    • German and European associations for the parquet industry, laminate flooring industry and manufacturers of multilayer modular floor coverings
    • Asscociations of the timber/wood and construction industry
    • Associations of the timber/wood trade and the floor covering trade
    • Associations of the parquet and floor laying vocational trade
  • Miscellaneous
    • Building authorities
    • Planners and architects

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